Seller Considerations

It is tempting to think that in this day and age of ready information through the internet, successfully selling your home is simply a matter of putting it on MLS and waiting for the buyers to flock to your door. After all, your home is probably beautiful, and who wouldn’t come running to buy it, if they knew it was for sale?

The truth is that there is much more to consider than this. First, you want to not just sell your home, but you want to sell it for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time. This means that you have to have everything working as perfectly as possible. Your price should be right, your home should be presented in the best possible light, the marketing should get you the right exposure, and positioning and negotiating should be managed to get you the best outcome.

Each of these items takes special expertise. I pride myself on taking a knowledgeable approach to pricing. I don’t just show you a few comparable listings and suggest a list price. I do a detailed analysis of all comparable recent SALES, carefully comparing features between properties and likely dollar impact to arrive at a price I think your home will SELL for. I present this in a detailed spreadsheet analysis. Having a thoughtful sense for likely selling price, we can then have a sensible discussion about LIST price and strategy. We may choose to list high and test the market upside, or we may choose to list sharply and create competitive demand.

While we all think our home is wonderful and should appeal to lots of buyers, the truth is that often homes need to make adjustments in appearance to accentuate the positives and minimize the negatives. Staging may be an overused term, but the truth is that in most cases, some amount of staging, whether slight tweaks or significant changes, will generate a valuable return by accelerating selling time and increasing likely selling price. It is usually not as simple as buying some towels that say PARIS! or putting some silver balls in a bowl on the coffee table. To be effective, it requires a careful look at the home and its features and bringing these more into line with the expectations of buyers. It is usually about making the room sizes appear larger or the flow more open. Sometimes wall colours need to be refreshed. It is worth spending some time on this and possible investing a little more than you might have expected. Often spending up to 1% your home’s value can get you 5% or more in selling price. I have special expertise in staging through my experience as a home designer and builder and my staging partner and I offer staging services free of charge to clients.

Exposure is not just listing on MLS and putting up a sign. It is also more than just advertising. While I do these things and they are important, equally important is the fact that I maintain close relationships with a broad network of other successful agents and members of the community to help make connections with buyers who might not otherwise be exposed to your home. I am always networking on your behalf. I also meet with my clients regularly to provide written feedback from all the showings and other contacts I have had in my sales efforts for the property.

Positioning your property in the best light to maximize your negotiating leverage and properly managing the negotiating process when it comes to the offer stage is critical in getting you the best outcome. My earlier background in mergers and acquisitions gives me significant expertise in negotiation that I put to work for you. I try to manage the timing of the process to get multiple offers where possible and carefully advocate for your interests while at the same time working to keep the offering parties engaged and motivated.

I look forward to meeting new clients to show them my approach and how it will benefit them in the successful sale of their home in the shortest possible time at the best possible price!