Seller Expenses

Listing of Expenses Relevant to Sellers

 AmountTo Whom?When?
Typical Items:      
Real Estate Commission  Approximately 5%  Listing Brokerage At time of Closing
Legal Fees & Disbursements  Estimate $1,500 plus HST  Own lawyer At time of Closing
Utilities or Property Tax Adjustment
(Seller to reimburse buyer if not paid up)
 TBD  Seller's lawyer At time of Closing
 Moving Expenses  TBD   Own mover  Prior to and at Closing
Other Possible Items:      
Payoff Mortgage Balance
(If balance owed and mortgage not ported)
 TBD  Mortgagee At time of Closing
Property Inspection  Estimate $400-$600 plus HST  Own inspector Sometimes helpful for listing
Property Survey  $1,500-$2,500 plus HST  Own surveyor Sometimes helpful for listing
HST  13% of Purchase Price  Government On new construction only.
Typically paid by builder.