My focus is on providing expert real estate services in Oakville, with a special emphasis on downtown, southeast and southwest Oakville. I take a very hands-on approach in helping clients unlock the value in their homes by leveraging my extensive experience in real estate, marketing and negotiation.

My business career started in marketing management, holding the positions of Product Manager with Bristol Myers and Marketing Manager with Cadbury Schweppes in the early 1980s. I then spent 4 years in marketing consulting as President of the PDP International Group’s Canadian office. From 1991 to 2009, I was a Managing Partner at HSD Partners Inc., a boutique Merchant Bank engaged in investment and management of small to mid-sized companies. Investments included Upper Canada Brewing Company, Gruen, Inc., Certicom Inc., Cymat Inc., MKS Inc. I held the position of President and CEO at both Upper Canada and Gruen, Inc. and was on the Board of Directors of various other companies.

Throughout my business career, I was active in building restoration including management of construction projects and Chair of the Heritage Oakville Committee (the Town of Oakville’s appointed Local Architectural Advisory Committee). In 2007, I started Smith & Company Timeless Homes, a designer and builder of classic style custom homes. In 2010 I joined ReMax Aboutowne as a Sales Representative. After successfully building and selling several custom homes with Smith & Company, I decided to focus entirely in my real estate sales activities in 2011.

Although I would never have imagined that my career would take me to real estate sales when I started out in marketing, I can honestly say that this is my favourite job! All of my various experiences have given me quite a unique mix of skills that I believe really help me deliver a special level of service and expertise to my clients. My heritage background gives me detailed knowledge that is often very valuable in assisting clients with the process of buying, selling and planning changes for heritage properties. My building background allows me to offer similar help to clients who are considering renovations or new construction. My design background gives me special sensitivity to the value of proper presentation of homes for sale and my wife and I have a real passion for putting this to work with very hands-on staging work for my clients. My marketing background gives me a strong appreciation for the value of proper positioning and quality marketing materials. And my merchant banking background gives me a lot of negotiating experience that I think is helpful.

But the most important thing is that I love this job! I have been so fortunate that so many clients have put their trust in me, and I take real pleasure in the friendships we forge and the feeling of satisfaction when they achieve their goals.